Hosted match not showing under Club Match Results list


Club name is “38 America - USBR” and we hosted a match on March 30th. Everything worked well, and the match was complete with all results published etc. But the match doesn’t show under our list of matches we hosted in the past.

I can still see the match in the link showing all “Upcoming Matches” - The match is in the past, done - closed. Why wouldn’t it be showing under the list of our past matches?

How do I fix this?

Thank you,

The link with 6 matches is ALL your matches.

Right, I get that - But why I don’t see 5 matches in the “Match Results” pane on the right? It only shows 3 of our matches, even if I click on the “View All” option.

Have you tried using the ‘Claim Results for Club’ button on the score page for the match in question?

  • Paul

That did the trick! I did not know I had to claim the results - I don’t remember doing this for the other matches which are currently already listed.
Thank you for helping me out! I appreciate it.