HF targets with Points Down scoring (PCSL Kilos)


We are using PCSL Kilo targets for Points Down matches. We score K-zone as two A hits (zeroes the target), A as 0 points down, C as 1 point down, and D as 3 points down.

In addition, we are halving the points when calculating the total (similar to how IDPA did it previously).

What match type in the Android app can support this use case?

Our current default, ‘Points Down,’ with a .5 coefficient in the match settings, is a bit complex. The KACD target requires a lot of mental gymnastics for the scoring officer. We would greatly appreciate a more straightforward solution, such as just tapping ‘two Alpha’ USPSA-style or increasing the Alpha/Charlie/Delta counter (per target for accountability).

Thank you!

This will be supported only in the PractiScore 2.x apps.

I see, thank you! What is the ETA for the 2.0?

When they are ready. No ETA.

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