Help with Waitlist!

We recently started a match and it filled over night. I enabled the waitlist after registration has closed since it was full I closed registration. On my end it says I can waitlist and have even tried it to make sure it worked. On other people’s it don’t give them that opportunity.

I suggest you and your shooters clear your cache and look at it again. You are probably looking a a Pre- closed cached page.
I am looking at your match this morning and the waitlisting is working correctly.
Often folks don’t refresh their pages and get old data.


Hi D.J.,

I was having the same problem in that a shooter could not register to the wait-list after registration was closed. I created a ‘FRIDPA Test Match’ and before registration closed I successfully registered myself. Then after the Test Match had closed I cleared my browser cache and history, then with another Practiscore test account I was unable to register in the closed Test Match. How may I resolve this issue?


Can you share with me via email the club that you’ve done this under and the link to your test match and then I’ll take a look at your test match and see what’s going on.
[email protected]

Thanks for the help. Under the club ‘Front Range IDPA’ I created ‘FRIDPA Test Match’

I’m also having the same problem. The waitlist option is selected but it’s not working. Kindly sort me out.