!HELP! Personal Management Page All Blank - Not able to pay!

I’m the MD for the Guardian Long Range Competition. In testing a registration process under a different email/account - I realized my personal Management page is completely blank - even though I was registered and approved. So when I wanted to go in and pay, there was nothing there.
Dashboard shows the match, and I’m approved.

When I click match hyperlink this is what I see. I’ve tried with with a couple different accounts. Same thing. Please help!!

The first thing that I notice is that you have created matches all the way through 2022 which we don’t normally suggest. Changes to the web/app system can make things not work as smoothly.
I would also need to know if you have cloned all these matches?
In your two open matches there is no payment section for the match amount and this could be a product of an old cloned match. If you have no match fee you will not be able to do anything regarding paying.
All of your matches are showing incorrect creation pages. (bad payment sections, bad email replies, etc)
Last but not least your matches do not require payment upon registering…
What I suggest is that you rework all you matches and make sure your match creation page has all the correct info before you allow the match to go live. If I create a new match under your account (not clone) then everything is correct

DJ thanks for the response. The payment section was in there and I tested it yesterday but now they are gone. Is that something you can recreate on the backside? Or do in need to create a new match from scratch and work with the registered shooters to re-register.

Any advice on those two matches would be ideal.

Start fresh and don’t clone anything.
Also kill your matches that aren’t open and create them later in the year.
Make sure you are not using any weird code in your email replies. simple copy and pastes or word doc should suffice.

I have not been getting a personal management page for a month from any place I shoot

I noticed you are using a Yahoo address as your practiscore email. They are notorious for bouncing the emails that come from our match system. Our suggestion would be to try a Gmail address as your primary email and the email that you register with.
There could be something else but that is the first thing we ask anybody to do.

DJ - Thank you. I created a new NC match from scratch. Avoided any code in the email. But I cannot change it from CLOSED to OPEN. Any help would be amazing! Really sorry for breaking stuff.

Go look at your registration closing date.