Hammer down/ decocked in Production

Hello. I need some clarification about a gun I’m thinking of using in production. It’s called Arex Alpha in 9 mm. It’s a DA/SA trigger. However, there is no decocker to drop down the hammer. I have to assist in manually dropping down the hammer safely with my fingers, as I pull the trigger. If I have to use it in production, do I have to manually put it in a decocked position to start off? Or can I start with a hammer pulled back in single action? There’s danger of accidental discharge each time I have to manually drop the hammer. Need some clarification. Thank you!

Dennis I.
[email protected]

You really need to contact USPSA and ask them. We are just the scoring people.
Each sanctioning body has their own rules people.
I’m going to guess they’re going to tell you you have to manually de-cock it though. Just like the CZ guys.

Hi DJ. Copy that! Thank you for replying back. I will reach out to USPSA for some clarification. Have a great day!