GSSF match modification?

When using the preset PractiScore Time Plus - GSSF match option, it does not allow for target specific data entry. I’m hoping the option to add paper and steel targets can be added to the “Build Stages” menu. This would allow for a competitor to see hits on target, when reviewing their match results, to know if they incurred penalties on just one or multiple targets on any given stage.

If paper and/or steel were added then you would not select “C hit (1.00)”, “D hit (3.00)”, and "Miss (10.00). But in stead have the option to record “A”, “C”, “D”, and “M” for each paper. Where “A” resulted in no penalty, “C” hit (1.00), “D” hit (3.00), and “M” (10.00).

I’d appreciate any instruction, if I’ve overlooked a way to configure a match as I’ve described. And would greatly appreciate it, if the change can be made to the GSSF match option.

The current GSSF match template is not specific to Android app. It’s how template was initially created. We’d have to consult with the GSSF in regards to the way they want theirs scoring done.

Generally the timeplus scoring doesn’t have per-target scoring. Unless you use “upl” subtype (e.g. see the “USSL-UPL-TFS” match template). But then the match template need to be customized for your hit values (UPL uses “C”: 0.2, “D”: 0.6, “M”: 2.0, “PT”: 3.0, “Procedural Penalty”: 5.0, “Steel Miss”: 4.0 values).

Currently this customization can’t be done in the app (have to edit match template manually) but then can share and use that template to create new matches on devices.