Getting Match Registration Breaks SASS Wild Bunch Stage DQ Time Setting

After creating a SASS Wild Bunch match on, I am having trouble with the Pulling Match Registration step breaking stage scoring.

If I import the match registration to a current match set as a SASS Wild Bunch match, I do not get all of the information such as match name and date. I do however get all of the shooter info and the scoring remains as Time Plus.

Importing as a new match brings over all the information from the PractiScore site for the match and is easier to use. However, when I do this, the stage scoring is set to Time Plus (Points) when it should be Time Plus.

Is there any way to change the SASS Wild Bunch affiliation to use Time Plus on the PractiScore site?

The affiliation is set for each individual match. You should be able to change the affiliation when setting up a new match or by clicking the pencil (edit) icon next to a match.