Get Match Registration for wait listed folks

I didn’t do a search, so I apologize in advance if this topic has already been opened.

On our first attempt at a Steel Challenge match, we limited participation to ten. We had a number of wait listed registrations.

When I pulled the match registrations into PS 1.6.42, the approved participants showed up. But none of the wait listed people were there.

My suggestion is to pull all the registrations, perhaps putting wait listed folks into a squad all their own… maybe shown with a negative squad number? Other approaches might be easier to implement?

We don’t have Internet access at our range and it would save us some effort if we could simply change something like the squad number to activate someone.

Thanks! And for those of us who use PractiScore… we LOVE IT!

Not a bad idea. Another option could be to import them as deleted.

Though for the web crew reference, negative squad numbers aren’t allowed in the apps and squad 0 usually mean “unsquadded” shooters

Could you explain the “import them as deleted”?

My “negative squad number” was just one thought… I’m sure using a big squad number would work too. But there have to be other options.


Should have said export… Anyhow, not something you can do. That would have to be implemented on the web site.

We are reviewing the Ideas section.
At this time the best thing might be to approve the waitlisters in the web site and put them in a squad, Say squad “WAIT”. The down side is they will get a communication that they are off the waitlist. So the MD will have to deal with that.
Currently this is on a long list of features to look into for our web guys.