Full squad missing scores on one stage

We hosted a trophy match this past weekend, and have come to found that a full squad is missing scores from one stage. Scores were observed to be confirmed and approved as well at the time of scoring when the squad occupied the stage. 2nd day when pulling the scores, Squad 9 has Missing scores for all of stage 7!!

How to remedy???

The first step is to get a hold of the actual scoring tablet and take a look at it.

One way this can happen is if the scores are not synched with the main tablet after all scores are entered into each stage tablet. If so, resynching might help.

Looked at the scoring tablet and its as if none of them have ever shot the stage. Blanks on all squad members for the stage, and there is no score history to pull from either

We tried resyncing even to other devices and even onto an apple device. Main issue right now is the original scoring tablet used for the squad had no scores whatsoever. Not even history of past or deleted scores.

If you’re telling me that the tablet used to score that squad for the whole match has zero scores then it won’t be possible to find a missing stage of scores. My question is what did somebody do to that tablet to wipe all the scores. My guess is during syncing somebody back sync’d a clean match onto the scoring tablet.
This is something that shows up when random syncing forward and backward occurs and a process is not followed to search for results. It also occasionally is results of a RO with the scoring tablet in their hand poking around where they shouldn’t.