Fixing a match within a club section

I had the change the start date for a match I set up but forgot to change the end date. Now that the end date is past I can’t find the match to fix it within the club area.


On your club page click the link in the upper right part of the upcoming matches box. It will take you to a list of all your past matches.

Thank you, but I still cannot find it there. I can find it when I go under matches but not in my Club list. The match has not happened it just got rescheduled, and I only changed the start time not the end time.

The club name? The match name and dates???

NRL22 Canada

its for this match
NRL22 Canada - Hinton Fish and Game Association AB - June COF - June 22, 2024

New date is July 13, 2024


Yes I don’t see it on my list


I went to all your matches and just scrolled down till I found it. It’s with the July matches.

I am penning a email for you. I have some concerns about your matches.

Sounds good thank you

You have to click the 146 total matches link.

Thank you so much found it :slight_smile: