Fixed Time - Overtime Shots

We are planning to run a Fixed Time stage this weekend. Since we have never done this before with Practiscore, I decided to run a test match. When I tried to enter an Overtime Shot, Practiscore would not accept any entry. It just stays at 0 with a - in the entry field.
Any ideas on what I could have missed in setting up the stage?

Should also note that the String time entry fields also will not accept any input.

Crooked Creek Pistol League OHN04

I am guessing the android app being referred.

The Fixed Time scoring is not measuring time. There is a separate overtime penalty need to be entered.

The read-only time entry is there to support recording string data from the Bluetooth timers.

Sorry, yes, this is on the Android.
I checked under the Procedurals and there is no penalty for an overtime shot listed.
Per the USPSA rules: Where static scoring cardboard targets are used, a shot (or shots) fired more than 0.30 seconds over the set time, will be considered overtime. For example, if the time is 5.00 seconds, a shot (or shots) at 5.31 seconds or more would be considered overtime. Overtime shots will be penalized the maximum possible scoring value of each shot so fired. If the overtime shot results in extra hits on the target, only the specified number of shots may be scored.

So, any overtime shot should be penalized 5 points.
That is why I would expect the - field for Overtime Shots: to be either an enterable field, or a counter for each tap.

That is because they aren’t entered as procedural penalties, but as overtime shots. Here is how the “Fixed Time” scoring screen looks like with string time specified (e.g. for all fixed time USPSA classifier stages) and without string time specified in the stage settings.

I’d need to see your match export file to debug what is happening for you. You can email it at the usual support email address.

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Well, that explains the problem. I do not have a + sign button to tap.
I did this on a Samsung Galaxy S21+. Maybe there is not enough screen real estate to show the button. I’ll have to to try it out on a tablet.


That is the issue, lack of space in Portrait mode. No problem getting a + entry for Overtime shots on my tablet.