Fire HD8 tablet problem

Running a match today, we had two Fire HD8 tablets go off. And this has happened a time or two before as I have been attempting to troubleshoot. Has anyone encountered something similar? I think it is more of a Fire issue than a Practiscore issue, but this is still the best place to ask. Basically the tablet goes completely dead, and will not turn back on. If I plug into power, it quickly comes back on with an incorrect date (that Practiscore does not like for syncing). I can then connect to wifi with internet and the date resets, and the device continues to work fine after that.
Tablets are not too old, running Fire OS and are 10th generation. Practiscore is 1.7.34. Tablets normally live on wifi with internet access and update, but when scoring they are on wifi with no internet. We have not been losing scores, I have SD installed for backups - but typically everything syncs normally once the tablet is operating again.
Anyone observe this before, or what other information would be useful to provide? Thanks.

sound like you have two bad tablets.
Remember they are cheap and won’t last as long as a iPad or Samsung tablet.