Fire 7 tablet doesn't see other tablets anymore to Sync

I have 3 tablets, (2) Fire 7’s and (1) Fire 8.
Lets call my problem Tablet #1 which is a Fire 7.
All three tablets sit at PS Ver 1.7.28
Tablets #2 and #3 see each other w/o a problem. Tablet #1 sees neither

All three are connected to my local wifi network and have access to the net.

When i powered up tablet #1 is said an update was required … I allowed it. Now its not finding my other devices in PS Sync Devices Mode.

I tried powering off and back on … no luck.

Any suggestions for me?

Best regards,
Brian Coon
MD MacCoons Precision Rifle Club

Check that all tablets show your wifi hotspot name at the bottom right corner on the main app screen.

If they show “Unknown” or something else. Check in the device’s system settings that Location services are enabled and also check that the PractiScore app has Location permission granted. On the recent FireOS versions (lates system updates on the tablet) it may also require the “Nearby Devices” permission (it is also needed to connect to any Bluetooth timers).

If that doesn’t help, check that sync codes look similar between devices (but NOT the same). If you have multiple devices with the same sync codes it means that your wifi router is misconfigured and is releasing the same IP address to multiple connected devices.

Make sure the time and date are the same in all tablets.