Find Match Map is Confusing

I’ve been using this site for over a year now and I finally just realized that the find match page only shows the listed match on the page on the map. So if there are multiple pages of match, you need to click next page to get them on the map. I thought the map would show ALL matches in the area, not just what’s listed on the page below. I’ve always wondered by I couldn’t find matched just by using the map. That’s a little confusing.

I don’t understand exactly what you are talking about.
When you go to the matches page on the web site you get a map that shows all matches in chronological order based on your location. What are you doing or where are you going to find just one match.
Here is what my match map shows today from me based in Nashville, TN
It shows over 40 pages (4,400+ matches) of matches in the system based on my location.

I always thought i could just used the map. I would hover over the area and expect all the matches to be there. But if there are over 50 matches in the area are there multiple pages of match results. only the first 50 that show up on the page will be on the map. When you hit next page, then those 50 show up on the map. Unless i narrow the search, some matches wont show up on the map

If I just hover over South East PA, the War Riffle match for this weekend doesn’t show up on the map. so I couldn’t find the event. The only results that show up on the map, are what’s listed on the current page below the map. It must be on a different page of results. When I narrow the search to “long distance” It now shows up on the first(and only) page of results.

That’s how it works. There’s a lot of matches out there. You need to narrow down your search as much as you can to find what you want.
There are a lot of options even as much as if the club does not have the correct address for them, based on what Google maps uses, their matches won’t even show up

The other thing you can do is to click the follow button on the clubs that you frequent then in your dashboard you can go to find events or the calendar and it will show you what those clubs have listed as upcoming events or matches.

I know that now but for nearly a year I didn’t even realize it.