Feature request - auto complete USPSA and IDPA member numbers

There are fields for USPSA and IDPA member numbers in the Settings section, but this info does not populate to a match registration form. Since my name, etc. does auto-populate, is there any way to make these member numbers fill in also? If not, maybe an easy way to access this info without leaving a match registration page?


Did you create sport profiles? Please go to Home | PractiScore and click “Add Sport Profile” to link your USPSA member number to your Practiscore account so that it always adds it automatically. This seems to work fine for me.

Sorry just one other note, the match registration has to be setup with the default membership number field for that type of match that aligns to the sport profile, otherwise it won’t recognize the connection.

Thanks for the reply, the default field is the problem. Whoever setup our match templates did not use them. I will update accordingly.