Feature Request: Allow dynamic role assignments on events (e.g. trainings) to define Safety Officer in charge

In order to ease the planning of training events in a club, it would be nice to see who is registered and also provide “capabilities” of registered shooters (e.g. certified IPSC Range Master or certified IDPA Safety Officer etc) in the user management.
In a second step, a corresponding role assignment could be integrated into the event organisation (e.g. assign role of active safety officer in charge to a registered shooter). In that case the SO should receive a nomination email and actively acknowledge the acceptance of that role for that event.

With this feature a club could set up training events and dynamically assign the SO “in charge”.
In case the SO needs to withdraw, the club contact could easily see if any other SOs are registered and reassign the role.

This (or other features) could also be made available to supporting members of practiscore as part of a subscription plan (e.g. few dollars per year for basic services (e.g. Calendar subscription etc) per shooter or per club.