Falling Steel World Series matches not showing up in search

My “FSWS” falling steel world series matches aren’t showing up in the match searches. It’s not working for my friends either. Anyone know how to go about fixing this?

Looks to be working correctly
This is what I get when I search Falling Steel World Series

It’s still not working for me or for my friend.

You need to spell out falling steel world series. Don’t use the abbreviation.

I cannot find the “falling steel world series” either. Comes back no matches.

Have you cleared your browser cache???
I just searched this.

it’s doing it again for me. doesn’t show up when searching Falling Steel or FSWS. i cant find it on my PC, MY cell phone, or from my business partners’ PC or cell phone.

thoes are our results from last year. not the matches for this year.

So I took a look at your club.
You need to correct your address to something that google recognizes as a real address.
You will need to correct all the past match addresses that don’t show up also. also.

Ok thanks. Since our club doesn’t have a home range, (we rent ranges to hold our matches) is it best to pick one address, or change the club address with each new match?

Pick one address for the club and adjust the address in the match setup page.
No one will find your matches without a solid google address.