Exporting AMG timer info from Practiscore app on my iPad

My apologies if the answer is already here somewhere but I did not find it. I have been using the AMG shot timer connected via Bluetooth for a few years now. I would like to export the individual shot times for each shot per shooter for each stage for multiple matches. I know the info is there and I could of course go look at it manually but I really want to look at multiple shooters over multiple matches with the focus on time to first shot. Any ideas or suggestions besides pulling it manually for each individual shooter for each individual stage would be appreciated.

Sorry but there is no function for what you are looking for.
It’s a very unique and targeted request. You will have to look at each shooter individually.
You could try playing with the PractiScore Competitor app and see if it will give you a better view of things.

Thank you, I knew it was a reach but no harm in asking.

There are some features planned for the PractiScore Competitor app 2.x to help tracking performance over time or even export to the PractiScore Log app for the raw and historical analysis.

If you could share your thoughts on what kind of data aggregation or comparison you’d like to see, it would help to prioritize these new features.