Exporting a match to Winmss


We are having a level 3 match in 2 weeks and I was playing around with the practiscore app and I can not export the match to Winmss.
Is there a tutorial on how to export a match to Winmss and are there limitations on what device to use or on how big the match can be?

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@Philippe_Van_Bergen what error are you getting or what the issue is?

Export to WinMSS is currently supported in the Android app only for all IPSC matches (as created from corresponding IPSC templates). The match has to have some scores, then you will see the WinMSS export option at the bottom of the view results screen.

when I try to email it, the files can not be send by email.
When I try to save the data to a sd card, the files can not be found on to that sd card from my computer.
Does the match has to be created on the practiscore website?

We did a level 1 a month ago and I was trying do export this match to winmss but it doesn’t seem to work.

Sounds like the export worked, and you can’t find the file or share it from your tablet. All of that is delegated to the standard Android system apps and basically outside of the PractiScore app.

Emailing files from device is outside of the PractiScore app. You either need to install/configure some email app or if you have tablet’s manufacturer app, maybe you need to use some different email app instead. Or instead of emailing try to share through DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Pushbullet or similar sharing services.

As for saving to the local tablet storage, it also depends how manufacturer set things up on device. If you want to save files to a specific location you can install “Send to SD card” app, it will be one of the sharing options then. See https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ru.gelin.android.sendtosd