Export Pistol Caliber to winMSS

Practiscore can easily manage PCCs in Handgun competitions. Unfortunately while exporting results to winMSS every competitor in PCC (DivId=29) division becomes Open division (DivId=1). WinMSS can’t mix PCCs in Handgun competitions via GUI but if PCC are inserted in winmss.cab it works.
So it would be nice have PCC exported as PCC

@Maurizio_Cingi as you noted PCC is a standalone discipline and has to be a separate match in WinMSS. Also note PCC can be run along in a Rifle and maybe even in a Mini-Rifle match (assuming they are using compatible targets).

You can still export a PCC match type from PractiScore app for Android, though there are a few manual steps as follows:

  • Make a clone of your mixed match
  • Change match name - add word “PCC” to the name to indicate it is a PCC match
  • Go to the “Edit Shooters/Squads” screen
  • Sort by Division
  • Select all non-PCC divisions (tap on the select all icon on the division header on the right) and delete them from the top app menu
  • Open More… / Division screen and delete all non PCC divisions
  • Now you have a PCC-only match that can be exported and then imported as PCC match to WinMSS.

Also note, when exporting a Handgun-only match to WinMSS you need to follow the same steps and remove PCC competitors from the match.