Expand myclubs dashboard to include all clubs that are followed

https://practiscore.com/dashboard/myclubs appears to only list the most recent 5 clubs you’ve followed, compared to https://practiscore.com/following which lists 10 at a time, and has pagination.

I think it would be better to not paginate these results and list all the clubs that you follow on the dashboard. There is enough screen real estate.

Currently the layout is as you see it with with no immediate plans to change. As you mentioned you do have the ability to, with a quick click of the mouse, view the main list. Pretty easy.
I will mention your thoughts to the web team.

Well sure, but it took me years to realize that it was not displaying the full list. I just thought that the app was buggy, and I was constantly going to clubs and unfollowing and re-following them to get them to display on the dashboard.

So, obviously the UX needs improvement