Exclude Withdrawn Shooters from Number of Shooters

Please consider excluding withdrawn shooters from the number of shooters in a match. The new stripe connect functionality creates a great interface for keeping track of who was withdrawn and now also who was (or was not) refunded. However, when the match is sold out, withdrawn shooters are still in the shooter count, so we’re left with a few manual options:

  1. Delete the withdrawn shooters, which means we lose the cool new benefit of tracking withdrawals and refunds via stripe connect.
  2. Edit the Max # of Shooters each time someone withdraws.
  3. Manually approve new shooters that get waitlisted even though there are spots open.

Some level of automation would be super cool, and perhaps easily accomplished by excluding withdrawn shooters from the shooter count. Thank you for your consideration. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the idea!! We’ll pass it on :smile:

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This is something I’d very much like to see. When our matches fill up it’s very difficult to manage the waitlist without deleting shooters. And I would much prefer to keep the shooters in to have a paper trail of withdrawals and refunds.

+1 for this request

Hey Practiscore team, the withdrawals occupying match spots are really making my life perpetually difficult. We usually have at least one match opened to the public, and keeping tabs on how many spots I need to add to compensate for withdrawals is pretty taxing.

After a shooter requests a withdrawal. All you need to do is go in to the approve/view list hit the drop down menu and withdraw them. Then hit the drop down one more time and delete them from your match.
At least that’s how I do it when I manage a match.
It’s about a 3 second process and you shouldn’t have any trouble keeping up with it I wouldn’t think.

This is not a solution for our use case; I’d appreciate if you unmarked it as such and considered an alternative point of view.

We keep withdrawn folks in for the accountability purposes: not every match director in our group has access to Stripe to see that the shooter signed up, then decided to withdraw and has been issues a refund.

There is no reason for the withdrawn shooters to count towards the match spots total that I can think of.