Excess registration to shooting class

I have a class set up with a max of six students and just got a registration for a seventh. Do I have something misconfigured on my end?

Sign-up link:

Master event link:

Having the same problem on this class:

I will have the webmaster look at it tomorrow.
But, while I am looking at it you only have six people registered somebody has withdrawn or been deleted and the number six is gone.
You also have shooter number 5 who is approved but has not paid.

The approved but not paid individual on Dec 18 (#5) originally registered and paid for the Dec 11 class, but I moved him to the Dec 18 class due to him getting the flu.

The issue was with the Dec 11 class. While Jonathan Tice was registered for the Dec 11 class, another student (Jordan Ernst) signed up as #7 for that class.

Ran into this problem again and got a seventh sign-up in a six-person class. Maybe it’s related to the wait list field? I’ve un-checked that option now.