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When creating a club, I was asked for a physical address, the club operates on a PObox and our shooting range is on a rural area, without a formal address. My problem is that my matches are showing at the post office where the PObox is located and not at our range. If I could select a location on Google Maps and attach it to our club description, shooters would have a real idea on where to look for us


Currently your choices are to change the club address to the address of the range (or a gps location).
Or, you can change the address of the match to the range address when you create the match.
Unless you actually have shooter communications being mailed to the PO box I would consider changing the club location then possibly adding the PO address to the Club Description…

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This is where our shooting happens,


There is no place to insert gps location at the Location Settings at the Club Settings, only street adddress


You can’t use GPS coordinates, but you can use the location’s Plus Code - http://plus.codes

Take a look at my club for example - https://practiscore.com/clubs/alexander-city-shooting-club

I agree that decoupling the club address from the pin location on the map should be on the roadmap for website development. We have the same issue (a club PO Box and a rural range with no street address). I’ve brought this up a couple of times in the past and have been told it would be looked into.

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Multiple locations is something we will look at in the future.
It would have to be part of a major update.
Currently the next major update is down the horizon as we just had one with the Storefront.
Believe me, it is on the list. :wink:


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I’ve got the location correct on a previous attempt, but we moved and when I wanted to change it, it simply gives the wrong location, doesn’t matter what I use, “plus code” or way point

What club are to having problems with?
Are any of the 3 clubs correct? Are they the same location?