Events being grouped and disappearing

I have cloned several events and some are only visible if I search for all events and then deselect the “group reoccurring events” button.
How can recover the events to the normal list of events on the club page

Because you are cloning events they are being grouped and you will not see all of them as you described. When you ungroup them of course then you will see them. The plus is that the folks that go to your club can see them all in the lower right frame
A little insight on creating matches and events.
I suggest you read through this. The vast majority of times when there are match issues as you have described it is because the match is cloned. (The first question we ask in CS is if the match was cloned) If you have to clone we suggest you clone no more then 2 months out. Or just create matches from scratch.
When me make changes to the web site the cloned matches often suffer down the road.

Another suggestion I have, is to watch out for using a hotmail address as an admin. Occasionally hotmail, aol, Yahoo, will stop forwarding admin/notification emails from a match that we send. It is on them as we send the email out. I suggest using a gmail address as we don’t see these kind of issues with them.