Event not present in my dashboard

Hi there ! sorry to bore you, I cannot see my latest event in my dashboard . I’ve already checked , registration email is present and email address is correct. Contacted MD for a check and all appears to be ok. could you check for me please ? many thx for ur support

Hi Michelle,
If you would share the link to the posted match along with maybe the club name it would help us to track down what you are having problems with.

Hi ! this is the event link :

many thx

D.J.- i also had the same issue. Scores/match not showing in my recent events.
Here is the link:

Club name Hoover Tactical (HTF)

To have your matches show up in your history it is preferable for you to register for a match online. When doing so, your email from your account is automatically added to the match.
If the match does not have your correct Practiscore email in the match file the results will not show up. This can be possibly fixed by your contacting the match director and asking them to check for your email. If it is not in the match file they would need to add it then repost the match. (this is not a 100% fix though)
In the future it would be good if you checked with the stats person at the match to make sure your email is correct.

If your email was not initially entered but entered the day of it is possible that it will not track.
It looks to me like your registration was added later/the day of.

Got it, thanks DJ. Will check with the Match Director then, as I registered through practiscore. Noted on future matches.