Error in HF Calculation - Discrepancy between PS Competitor and PS Web

A competitor noted a difference between the HF calculated on PS Competitor and on the PS Web on one stage. All other stages see. (See screenshots).

Upon looking into this it appears that PS Competitor is calculating the HF correctly as Minor and PS Web is calculating as Major (Minor HF = (115 + 103 + 31)/25.06 = 3.5116. Major HF = (115 + 104 + 32)/25.06 = 4.0303

The competitor was registered as Open/Major and shot all the stages. After synching to the master tablet, the division and PF were changed to CO/Minor.

Match in question:

Are you the MD or Stats person?
I Have questions for that/those individuals.

I’m the stats dude

Other relevant info. All scoring devices are using the latest android version, updated last week. I don’t have the devices in front of me so do not have the version number.

Do you have the master scoring tablet with you? can you compare it to what you are showing on the web site.
I have pulled the website match into my tablet and I see non of the incorrect scores.
It’s possible the results were posted and somehow the changes hung up.
If your master is correct you should repost the match.

Unfortunately I don’t have it with me. I can get it later today, look at the master, and repost. Stay tuned

Go over the results before you post and see what they say.
Let us know.

The master tablet showed the correct HF (3.5116). I double checked the website and it shows the incorrect HF (4.0303)

I reposted the scores to Practiscore and the correct HF now shows. I reuploaded to USPSA and now it is showing the correct HF.

Thanks for the help. Any idea what happened?


Was the match posted first with the wrong power factor and division? Then reposted correctly?
Often things will not fully post to the web site when a network is weak and drops some data.
I’ve seen matches only half post before.
OR if it was corrected on the master and then went straight to the repost window without backing all the way out to the PS home page. (letting it fully reload??)
Just an experienced guess but it’s fixed now!

I don’t recall uploading it twice but I don’t remember tying my shoes this morning either.

What is strange is it seems to have only been 1 stage. In the end it’s fixed and thanks again.