Error code on practiscore competitor

How would I fix this as it will not allow me to load the match I’ve just shot in.

@Charl_Meiring please provide some context:

  • when does this error happen (i.e. what exactly you did in the app)
  • what match does it happen for (e.g. provide link to the match results posted at the PractiScore website, etc).

If I go in to the app it brings it up. The next time I go into the app and review the scores for day two it gives me the error.
NGPSC League 5 27-05-2023.
It has happened before on a different match.
I go into the app.
Search match.
Either comp name, number or NGPSA
It shows the match.
Select it and it buffers for 3 sec and gives the error.

What do you mean by “The next time I go into the app and review the scores”? Do you refresh scores or download them again?

If you select a match from the search results and then get that error it means the app wasn’t been able to download the full match data.

It could be because match data is broken on the PractiScore website or you have slow internet connection. I’d suggest to delete that match from your locally saved matches and start over with search and load. If you still get the same error, try on a different wifi or use mobile data.