Error and lack of "Refunded" icon when processing refunds through

Intermittent error occurs when processing refunds through the Approve/View Shooters page on the Practiscore website.

After selecting the “Refund” option, then “Have the shooter cover the fees”, it pops up the following error:

This is a normal error if the refund had already been processed, but in these cases it had not.

After refreshing the shooter info, it does not show the normal REFUNDED badge next to the shooter. However, Stripe shows the refund has been processed and for the correct amount.

I confirmed with my other admins they did not process the refunds.

This has happened 3 out of probably 10 refunds this week and it’s mostly “cosmetic” so it’s a low priority issue.

Thank you!

This error also occurs if the payout from Stripe has already been completed for the month (or however you have the payouts setup) and their is no money in the Stripe account for the refund to be refunded from.

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A-ha! Yep, that’s totally the reason. We just had a match that got refunded due to weather, so it cleared out the “cache” of funds sitting at Stripe. Thank you!