Enter scores "back" symbol


It is commonly asked from someone learning to use the app: “how do I get out of here” regarding the shooters page within “enter scores”. I noticed that on both the “stages” and “squads” pages there is a “back” symbol ( < ) in the upper left hand corner but not on the “shooters” page.

I expect this may have something to do with the stage title being a variable and the other pages titles being set but… if that is an easy fix it would make the app more intuitive.

Thank you!
Chris O

I was under impression that iOS shows name of a previous screen in there by default. So it shows the stage name on the left and squad name in the middle. You can still tap on the left side of the title to get to the previous screen.

Hi Chris!

Thanks for the idea. Our developers are currently swamped with a deadline project, but I’ll let our app guys know when they can get around to it!

Here is what I am whining about:

If each page was consistent with “< Back” then I think that would be ideal. But, I do think it is necessary to display the stage and squad being scored on the final screen to be able to verify as the scorekeeper.

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Right, I know.

It is somewhat more consistent in the Android app. The previous screen usually shown in the subtitle for the screen.

Also in the Android app sequence of screens before the squad’s shooter list or scoring screen could change depending on match and tablet configuration (no squads in the match, squad(s) or stage(s) locked on device, order of stages sequential or side by side), so you could get to the scoring screen faster.

We are looking into what it will take to have the back symbol added where are you would like it.
I don’t really get what you’re talking about displaying the stage and the squad? It’s happening on the scoring screen.
Plus if you’re in the squad screen it will show you how many people from each squad have scores and it will show red or green depending on the completed squad.

@djpetrou your screenshot has the stage name (on the left of the titlebar) and squad name (in the middle). Just no back arrow next to the stage name.

Oh, thank heavens, I’m so glad someone is looking into this :smiley:- Getting Back is one of the difficult issues throughout PractiScore compared to friendly websites. I’d be happy if it was easier to work with.

@Brian_Yeager you realize you can tap on the stage name to go back, even when there is no back arrow?

I’ve added a fix for this. I will post a build today.

Here is a link to Testfilght if you would like to try our iOS pre-release builds:

Two months later… thank you Russ it is everything that I hoped and dreamed for!