Emails to members don't seem to be going out

I’ve been sending emails to members consistently for the last year or so. About a month ago (or so) they don’t seem to be going out. We have about 285 members now and I’ve checked with about 10 folks randomly and none have received the emails. Thoughts? I appreciate any help that can be provided.


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Any update on this?? Very weird issue. As stated above. Cant seem to email via the Mass Email Form.

The form indicates that “Your emails have been sent” but no one ever receives them. Looking at my personal profile (not the match support one) and under inbox Id at least expect them to be there if spam was somehow wiping them all out.

Trying to CSV export all members gives me a “Whoops looks like something went wrong.”

The confusing thing is we are getting the match sign up emails when participants sign up for a match… but MDs cannot email the members.

Anyone else running into this issue??

Do you have a club name or maybe a link?
If your member database is broken it’s most likely from some change that was made to the data set.
Get us the info about the club and I can have a developer look at it

Thank you for looking into this! Our club is, Diablo Action Pistol. Here is the link: Diablo Action Pistol | PractiScore

Let me know if there is anything else you need.


Checking back to see if there are any updates? Our emails to members still aren’t going out.

Hey again. Hoping to get some help here as our emails from the Membership page are still not being received. Club = Diablo Action Pistol

We’d appreciate it if someone can please help us out. Thanks!


@ADMIN_ADMIN - we really need some help here. Emails are not going out when trying to email the membership and getting an error when trying to export the member list to .csv

Please help!