Emails from Practiscore not sending

As of 9/8/2023 we are unable to send emails from the website to shooters. Also, the match directors are not receiving registration updates as before.

same problem today, but with email score logs. Log is sent ( pending in “red line” then dissapers, i guess its sent), but none recieved on shooters email.

We are having the same issue. They show within the Practiscore Inbox but not forwarding to outside shooters emails. Also noticed the timestamp in the email is in the future in the Practiscore inbox. My actual computer time is correct so I don’t know if that has something to do with it.

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Currently the system email server company is not sending out emails to shooters email addresses.
We have repaired/updated what we can on our end and are waiting on them to turn the system back on.
This affects score logging emails and match info emails going to shooters.

BUT all internal match management emails such as (thanks for registering) and ( here is your match mgt link) emails are going directly into the shooters Dashboard inbox on the PS website. Shooters can always view these email there.