Emailing results to competitors

Is there a way email the results to all competitors straight from the score pad in android?I know that it works for IOS but just trying to eliminate having to synch the iPad just for that.

Why are you emailing the participants when all they need to do is look on Practicscore for the posted results?
Practiscore is here to help match directors save time and get more of their lives back.
The results are super easily viewable by all the competitors on the website.

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Yes, I post to Practiscore. Unfortunately, I have a few tech-challenged competitors who are still asking for the results to be emailed to them.

As a non tech challenged shooter, I wouldn’t thank you for another email that I didn’t need (although I wouldn’t be too upset).

Assuming it’s just a couple luddites that are having issues, how about scheduling an email in your email client to automatically send them a link to the club results page (it will look something like:**your-club-name-here**/results) on the day after the match (not day of: let them think you have to go out of your way to do it).