Email Fails to send

After I approve a shooter, the system automatically sends them an email. However, i have 2 shooters which PractiScore always shows, “Failed to Send”.
I have verified their email. I can send thwm an email from my personal acct. They have added PractiScore to their Safe Sender list. Yet, PractiScore emails always Fail.

Hi Anthony, there are a variety of reasons why emails will fail to arrive in the competitor’s email. If you have already double-checked the address, added Practiscore to the safe sender list, and sent them a test email from your personal address, then you have done a great job troubleshooting the most common reasons. Unfortunately, many consumer email providers (comcast, icloud, etc.) and corporate email servers (i.e. work email) have content filters that will periodically block Practiscore emails before it hits the inbox. The Practiscore team is continually taking steps to resolve content blocks, but unfortunately it is impossible to correct all of them. For users that are unable to receive emails, the Practiscore team created the Practiscore inbox, which can be accessed by any user here: Practiscore Inbox. I know this is not ideal, but it’s a nice workaround we use for our club when a user has content somehow blocked from Practiscore beyond their control. On a bright note, we have seen these blocks periodically resolve themselves. Tagging @D.J.Petrou in case there is something else that can be checked behind the scenes.

I have several users that have never been able to receive notes from PS. In my case they are either in,,, or domains. While these domains were in common, there are others that use these domains and successfully receive all emails from PS. In all cases, we have verified the spelling, know they can receive emails directly from me, and they were forced to resolve it by switching to an alternate email address.

I have done all the troubleshooting on my end, as my shooters have also, added PS to Safe Senders list, added PS as a Contact & even put PS as a VIP. They are G-mail accts, as a good percentage of my shooters. However, PS always gives me a Fail to Send. I will copy the body of my emails on PS & paste it into an email from my personal email acct & send to them, which they do receive.

We can tell you with 100% confidence that the emails are always sent out of the PS system to the recipients.
Unfortunately we cannot control what the users domain does with them when they hit the servers.

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