Edits on the Results shown clearly how to video or Doc

Can you help me with the video that i think Ken did do explaining how the edits work are now visible and time stamped…I have searched everywhere can you help me on this?

Would be great to give to the members so everyone understands this.


Hi Rod!

I haven’t seen the video you’re talking about, but when I find it, I’ll link it here for you.

Basically, if a shooter has had any edits made to their scores, they will have a number by their name with the number of edits along with the timestamps belonging to each edit. This has always been something that the MD has been able to see, we just made it visible to the public.
Are there any questions you (or others) have about how it works?

Thank you Madison
I think Ken made it but I cannot find it
Great feature



Hi Rod, is this the video you’re referring to?

Will this feature (or the ‘new style’ results in general) be available for Steel Challenge matches in the future?

That’s the one thank you

Just want our committee to understand this great feature

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Happy to help!

Hi Brian
I am wanting the committee at the club to understand this and the video is not playing
not sure what i have done wrong here

Try this link