Edited Custom Field - Missing from Export

I did a custom field for a USPSA match, for T-Shirt sizes. Later on I edited the title of the field because I had to cut off orders, and now when I do the data export, that data is not included in the CSV for the shooters who were registered before. The data is still there if I go to the shooter in the approve shooters, view, but I can’t find a way to export it.

Any way to get at that data?

Once a match registration form has been used, any changes to it will not export data from the previous version. In the future, I’d suggest pulling the “All data” file prior to making any changes so you have the hard data prior to the change.

That’s unfortunate. Hopefully I have a data file from before I made that change so that I have an easier time getting shirt sizes. What’s annoying is that I can still see that info on the shooters, it just doesn’t export. So the data is saved just not exported.

If a shooter or you go in and edit shooter details, the data more than likely won’t be there anymore either. I would pull the all data file now and just add an extra column to it for shirts and add them in that way for now in case a shooter changes their information.