Edit Registration Form

After [Edit Registration Form] to add a field to verify if CSO or SO we now see multiple fields for “Member Number”. The new question added is correct as required.
Anyone know why we are now getting all these “Member Number” fields ?
More importantly, you to get back to just one field.


Can you tell me if you created this match by cloning another?
You say you created one single selection field for CSO and the 3 member lines just appeared?
The more info we have the more we can deduce what is going on.


DJ, yes, this is a cloned match. We had 54 of 60 spots filled with no issues. Since, moving forward we would benefit who signed up as staff is also CSO or SO.


Often we are seeing issues caused by cloning.
Understand as we are often updating the website what happens is that matches that become cloned from a match that is “pre update” can often not work properly.
We have seen folks use a clone from a match 2 or 3 years old.
We recommend not cloning more than 6 month out.

You mention moving forward??? Did you try and modify the registration page in the middle of registration? After many people had registered???
That may be the crux of your problem here.

Also I will have the web Developers look at your match to see if anything else is going on.


The IT guys fixed your form…there is something going on with your match and the save feature…
IT is correct now.


D.J. Thank You !
By moving forward I meant that we have a couple of new people taking over the Practiscore duties. The previous person has some limit availability to get us started. However, he unfortunately was not able to resolve this issue.
We will take note of your warning not to clone older matched.

Something else we may need clarification on in the future.
We had a few club members that were not given the “Special Price”.
We tried to give a $5 refund however, the all received the full $25 refund.
This will be settled up at match day.
Is it correct to assume that “partial” refunds are possible ?

Thanks again,
Jim Chakuroff (Pioneer Sportsmen, Dunbarton, NH)

I just emailed you directly…