Duplicate registrations - can it be prohibited?

Is there a way in Practiscore Match creation (on website) to prohibit shooters from registering for the same match twice? (e.g. If email, first name, last name and division are the same as an existing entry, then display an error msg to say its a duplicate entry and not allowed.)

Seems like a lot of shooters dont check their dashboard, and when we send reminders to register for a match, they simply click the link and register again…

This creates a lot of work for Match Officials to clear out the mess before importing the match into the scoring devices.

Currently there is no way to turn on or off allowing participants to register more than one time.
On many many matches shooters do register multiple times/guns for a match.
Managing accidental duplicate registrations is very easy in the approve/view part of the match. It just requires a bit of observation and management by the MD.
Personally I spend about 2 minutes a day reviewing my upcoming matches to make sure things like this issue do not pop up. It doesn’t take much time and that’s exactly what Practiscore is about, saving the MD time.

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Hi D.J.

I agree Practiscore is about using technology to save time, and it has certainly transformed how we do things (for the better!). The solution in your reponse however, is more of a manual workaround than a time saver. Given all MDs have day jobs, its not always practical for the MD to note duplicates through time, especially as the list of entrants become longer, or the time the match remains open is for an extended period.

I was therefore hoping for a technological solution, which would save the “2 minutes a day” for all MDs and all matches.

If its not in place yet, I hope the Practiscore team will consider it as a potential development item, and add it to the (I’m sure) many things in their development path.


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also if a club manager registers all shooters from one club to a match… it can’t be restricted to only one email for example…
also, in bigger matches,sometimes there happens to be shooters with same name and last name… so name / last name restrictions also can’t apply…

i use pre-registration codes for all matches, closed match registration… every shooter gets a code, and can make 1 registration for that match ( if shooting multiple divisions, they get 2 or 3 codes, one for each division).

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I run a Steel Challenge match & allow shooters to register & shoot 2 guns at the match. Any match I may get 4 to 6 shooters with 2 guns. Its a matter of paying attention to who is registered & what they registered. If you see a name twice, Hit Expand All, double check if they are registering another gun or were confused & registered twice. Also, I get emails from PractiScore. Read them & see what they shooter is registering. If they mistakenly registered twice, Delete the 2nd entry.

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