Download of match to device missing SCSA membership#

I’m having a problem with missing SCSA membership numbers on half of the competitors when I download match data to device. I had one competitor register 3 guns and only his first entry has a SCSA #, the other two didn’t make it to the master(he entered his# for his 2nd & 3rd while registering) I’m using an iPad for master.

Hi Raymond!

Can you please share the match and club names?

Also, was the match cloned?

I am following up directly with email…

I decided I should review your registration set up and I have your problem…You have created 3 member number slots…the only slot that will work is the one that is the default slot. The rest of them will not work. At this point you will have to manually fix the ones that are missing.
In the future, Please do not clone your matches more than 2 months in front of the original. Use only the default member number slot if you want them imported into the tablet. That should fix things…