Download latest apk

I’m trying to download the 1.7.5 apk file to update our scoring tablets. I’m at PractiScore scoring app for Android but I’m only seeing a link to download 1.6.51. Am I just not seeing it?

Please use the app store for your tablets (Google Play or Amazon) to update the PractiScore app for Android. This way we make sure your device is supported for a given app version and have better idea of the installs and active devices, which help us to track issues and plan ahead.

Currently 1.7.5 is the latest.

We use Fire tablets for scoring devices. I used Fire Toolbox to remove all the extra junk off of them, but now I have to manually update. If that’s not an option any more I guess I’ll have to factory reset them.

You can use Fire Toolbox to restore Amazon app store or to install Google Play. Then disable notifications and automatic app updates in the app store settings, so you could do your manual updates when you want.