Download a .csv of a match's result

Can we download a .csv of a matches results?

Im particularly interested in steel challenge match results.


On the page where you view your clubs match results, you will see

Click SCSA upload, then in the next page, Fill in your clubs info & click

To make the file. It will make a .CVS file & download it to your computer or the devicebyou are using. You can open this file with Excel. This is the same file SCSA will use to post your clubs results. On the SCSA site for your club there is a area where you would Upload the file to SCSA.
Hope this helps.

Hi Guys,
I have a similar question. My objective is to analyze my match results to answer questions like:

  • What is my trend for … Overall Position, Accuracy (Points Down IDPA), draw, transitions, etc.
  • Is there an optimal raw time x accuracy ratio for the best overall placement?

I tried the process outlined above and found it was tied to the “Club”. I am not the owner of club data in this scenario.

My Question:
Is it possible, as an individual competitor, to download a csv file of match results? (In general, I am not the owner for the data for the club.)

An app or additional tab supporting a dashboard to analyze data aggregated across many or all matches would be an interesting product enhancement idea.

Desired Functionality:
I participate in IDPA and USPSA. So, I would like to be able to see filter4s or by groups for: IDPA, USPSA, etc.; Level, Division, Classification, etc.

Not an exhaustive list.

Any advice, guidance, or info will be greatly appreciated.

@Sam_Harris the cross-match performance tracking is planned for some future updates of the PractiScore Competitor app.

In the meantime you can use the “html results” version on the website, select your match or stages data, then copy to clipboard and paste into excel.

@euxx Thank you for the guidance. I’ll give the HTML method a try.