Double Payments

Last week or so we’ve seen some double payments made by match registrants coming through on Stripe for a single match. Not sure if this is a PractiScore issue or Stripe at this point. Suggestions on where to look would be appreciated.

With the new Storefront we have had a few people duplicate the match fee amount in the donation window. There is now a Big Popup asking them if this is what they really want…
Should fix the problem.

The latest double payment was evening of July 14. We’ve got another match opening up in a couple of weeks. I’ve emailed the registrants who made double payments for a screen shot of a portion of their CC statement. Waiting to hear back as that should confirm if its donation or match fee.

You can see in Stripe how much they paid and whether the double payment is a result of them entering the match fee as a Practiscore donation. Donations are specified in the transaction description and also show up as a fee so it’s easy to spot.

“Great minds think alike”. Just finished doing that and the double payment was for match fee. Just need to decide on how I want to keep record of the paper trail for issuing the refund.

@Dave_Lincoln are you saying they were charged twice (two separate transactions) or they were charged double the amount in a single transaction?

It shows as two separate transactions

In that case most likely the shooter registered twice.
Often when their internet access is not the best they don’t wait for it to process and double register.

Could be one possible reason, it certainly is a puzzler.

It happens all the time…not really surprising.

Just like @D.J.Petrou my first data point would be to check if they registered twice. @Dave_Lincoln are you able to see if there are two registrations in Practiscore?

Another common scenario is that the shooter’s first credit card transaction fails because they put in the wrong expiration date or CVV code, and then they register again. Both transactions will show up in their “pending” transactions on their online banking website, so they’ll think “I got charged twice!” However, they don’t realize that one of the transactions failed and will never actually post to their account. @Dave_Lincoln you can check this in Stripe (it will say “failed” and why it failed such as wrong CVV code).

They didn’t register twice as far as I can tell. But even if they did they would have received a confirmation for both registrations, been approved for the CC functionality to appear. In Stripe it shows the transactions went through i.e. showing the competitor having paid for the same match 2x. That is why I asked to a snapshot of their CC statement as secondary confirmation.

@Dave_Lincoln that definitely makes it more interesting!

We are seeing the Same issue with double payments for a single registration. Here is the match with the issue

The first transaction happened at 7:52:21 and the second transaction happened at 7:52:29

I have captured the Stripe info on the transactions

Last match it happened 3 times in a 100 registrants. We just opened another match and I will be checking the financials to see if the problem occurs again and what frequency.

One thing to keep in mind is that stripe also takes a transaction fee when you refund the second payment. Not sure but if the club has an business bank account it may be cheaper to refund via electronic funds transfer from the bank versus stripe.

FYI, this is being looked at this week.
It does mostly look like a hitting the button twice thing but we are working on ways to keep that from happening.
Also remember we are updating things almost weekly so what might have happened last week or 2 weeks ago may have been corrected…

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Just opened the matches for payment and no (0) double payments for 200 registrants so that’s good news.

Truly hope its as you say someone hitting the button twice in rapid succession.

Glad to hear.
We’ve also added some intermediate checks to keep folks from paying for something they don’t understand or duplicating payments.
Seems to be working. :+1:

I will keep an eye on this as we open the next Match and let you know if we see any more double payments