Does PractiScore support man vs man round robin type events?

We run head to head challenge matches in a round robin format. Maybe 30 shooters show up, they get sorted randomly and shooters face off man vs man with a winner, loser, etc. for a set number of rounds, normally 5 or 6.
It would be great to be able to run this type of match in PractiScore.

Anyone know how to make that happen?

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You can use the PractiScore website to register for such events.

Though there is no support in the PractiScore scoring app for such type of competitions. Mainly because there isn’t much scoring happening and these events very a lot in regards to how pair of competitors selected (i.e. all to all, vs ladder type, etc) and also because PractiScore apps aren’t designed bracket-type competitions.

There are number of online tournament bracket generators that can be used to run such competitions.