DNF on String of a USPSA Stage

We need the ability to DNF any string on a USPSA stage with multiple strings. It’s possible that the competitor’s gun could malfunction on any of the strings after the beep is given.

Please quote the rule to support your claim.

With all strings scored together, I don’t see how you can DNF just one string. In case competitor can’t finish stage, your only option is to give DNF/0.0 score for an entire stage.

5.7.6 and 9.10.3

It’s possible (and has happened to a competitor I was ROing) that a competitor can have a gun malfunction after the start beep on a string of a multi-string stage. If it’s the first string, the competitor is allowed to repair the gun and shoot any remaining strings, but not the first one. If it happens on a later string, the already-completed strings will count, but we have to be able to enter something for the current string, and DNF is appropriate since that’s what happened (the competitor did not fire a shot).

The way I had to handle it was to enter a time of 0.01 seconds for the 2nd string while subtracting 0.01 seconds from the 1st string’s time.

The 5.7.6 does not specify what has to happen with the scores.

But the 9.10.3 refers to an entire course of fire and is already supported in the list of options when you select the DNF.

My point is that entering some dummy time is not enough. You also have to enter some dummy hits. At best have to enter all misses + FTE + other procedurals, e.g. for not complying with the stage briefing. The end results will likely be 0 HF in most cases, so assigning DNF for the stage is more accurate.

LOL. “in most cases.” What about the other cases?

Entering a bogus time is currently the only way to handle such a scenario. At a minimum, you should allow entry of a zero time for strings in multi-string stages. I cannot (and should not) enter DNF for the stage if someone has shot a string already or has the ability to shoot subsequent strings after fixing their gun.

Like I said at the beginning, I am not aware of any rules covering “the other cases”. The 9.10.3 cover DNF for the stage when competitor is unable to finish stage and is supported in the app.

You should bring this up with the NROI and have it clarified in one of the official rulings.

The rule for strings is 6.1.1, which says the time component of all strings will be totaled. It sounds like Russ did the correct thing by adjusting the times to still give the correct total time. A good example might be Steeler Standards CM08-02. Lets say the failure happened on the last string. You would have 4 mikes on the stage (-40 points) and lack of 4 alphas (-20 points) - it would be easy to still have a (low) hit factor out of the 100 point stage. The time total would just be from the first two strings and should be zero for the third string. And 9.5.7 assigns FTSA on the COF, not the string - so you would not give FTSA penalties if the targets had been shot in a prior string. This competitor should not get a stage DNF as they completed strings that should count for score. Probably the zero time for the string would be the easiest option, but Practiscore does not like the zero time in the string. 5.7.6 says that the other strings can still be attempted, whereas 9.10.3 really applies to when you don’t fire a shot for an entire COF which is not the case here.

Can you tell me what you will enter in the tablet when the shooter’s gun breaks after the beep (but before a shot is fired) on the first string of a two-string stage? The current rules say you must allow him to shoot the next string after fixing his gun. What time are you going to enter for the first string? If you enter DNF for the stage you are preventing him from shooting the second string.

5.7.6 Where the firearm has failed after the Start signal, the competitor must not be permitted to reshoot the course of fire or string. This includes the instance where a firearm is declared unserviceable or unsafe during a course of fire or string. However, any un-attempted component strings in a Standard Exercise may still be attempted by the affected competitor after the firearm has been repaired, and prior to when match results are declared final by the Match Director.

I just hung up with Troy McManus of NROI.
His statement.
“IF the gun breaks before the start signal. (say, during make ready) the shooter may fix the gun and still shoot the stage.
IF the start signal happens and the gun breaks, whether a shot is fired or not the string is zeroed. There is no reshoot.”

Now with the fact that Practiscore is looking for some time in that string. By entering in .01 in that string doesn’t seem to make any difference in my testing as the targets not shot will be Mikes and the Hit Factor for the stage will be Zero.
This is something that can be looked at at some point down the road to maybe make an adjustment of PS looking for a time.

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Now you just need to get Troy to post the official ruling on that or some kind of statement regarding of scoring this case in the NROI blog or something…

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