DNF behavior question, with respect to match completion

I have been doing a post mortem review of our level 2 USPSA match from this weekend and looking at the match progress screen (android app). Some of the stage finish times (bold time, second line from the top of each box) were significantly different from what I expected, while the duration times at the bottom were as expected. I traced the issue down to DNF behavior. If stage staff DNF competitors that are not present during the stage, they have a proper timestamp entered and everything works. If the staff do not enter DNF, stats usually comes back later and enters the DNF to make the completion screen go green. But that sets the timestamp to when stats does it and makes it look like the stage took much longer to complete instead of a 30min stage clear time. For example if stats changes DNF 1.5hr later, it looks like the stage ended 2hr after it started even though the duration time at the bottom is correct.
I guess I am asking if the stage end time should ignore DNF timestamps or if stats should be handling omitted DNFs in a different way? Thanks!

Stats should be teaching their scorers to do a roll call at the beginning of each stage and dnf the people that are supposed to be in their squad that are not there. That procedure fixes everything.

@Warren_Harper please email your match export file to [email protected] and clarify which shooters been DNFed later after the squad. I will take a look at that.

Sent by email, thanks!

Nothing so far. I might have misspelled the email above