Divisions in cowboy match

The latest version of the scoring app deleted all the divisions under Cowboy. I know I can add them individually, but it’s a pain when they used to all be there. Please add them back in.

Can you please be more specific of which version and exactly which match type you are discussing.

ver 1.742 SASS Cowboy Action

Also, ver 1.742 will not let me create new divisions

I just created a new match using sass cowboy action and these are all the divisions in the default match type.

It’s still possible to make custom divisions if you choose to make something different. But you have to do it initially you can’t go into the scoring window and take the match out of creation mode and put it in scoring mode and then go back and change things.

@djpetrou hmm… I don’t think divisions, categories, classes or checkins need to be or were locked after scoring had started.

PS: editing timeplus penalties - is a whole different story and they are locked when match is in the scoring mode

Yeah, my bad.
It’s late.
Those things can still be changed (but why would you need to) penalties and such can’t.

Updated to 1.744 Same problem. updated on iphone. no problem. Running it on ipad mini with latest apple software.

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Here is what iI think is happening.
When you create a match on a tablet. (as opposed to creating the match and registration on the PS Web site and then pulling the match registration) you choose

  1. New Match
    2.Cowboy (match type) then,
    3 SASS: Cowboy Action 2020
  2. Then in the match screen under match type change it to “Time Plus”
  3. under the Sub Type choose “SASS: Cowboy Action”
  4. When you do that you will get a pop up asking you if you want to restore defaults. Choose Yes.
    Then you will have everything you need.

I believe you are not doing all of those things at this time.
We will look into why it is requiring all this but it will be days if not weeks before someone can free up to look at it.
FYI, If you build the match and handle registration on the web site you will not have to go thru all of this.

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on my phone,the match loads correctly. After i do new match, Cowboy, Sass cowboy action 2020, it automatically adjusts to time plus. The ipad mini does not do that now( ver 1.742 and 1.744. Could it be that the mini no longer supports PS or vice versa. As is, I will run the next few matches from my phone and sync with Kindle Fires for scoring.