Distribute match and event schedule

Look for a way to copy the match and event schedule to make sure our team members get updates. To local events.?

This may not be a full solution for what you are looking for, but this is what we do. I did a search on Practiscore for our matches: our club name EWPSA, the state, and the city. All of our matches have EWPSA in the title, so all the matches get returned from the search (USPSA, SCSA, and MG). Then I made a bit.ly to shorten the URL up and I paste it into various places that the shooters can find, so that if they click on the link it brings up the search results. I did the same for match results as well. We use Practiscore for all our match signups, so this seems to work well. If there are updates, I use the functionality in Practiscore to email all shooters in the match.