Display of Time Plus Results

I am using Time Plus scoring for a shotgun match and have never used Time Plus.
I am setting up the registration and created 3 divisions; Tactical, Open and Pump.
There are no classes (such as USPSA Master, etc.)
I did set up categories such as Senior, Lady, etc.
My question is how will Practiscore display the results… mainly will there be breakdowns for the divisions to show finish order?
Will categories such as ‘Lady’ etc be displayed in the scoring as in USPSA?

Thank you,
Lincoln Salvador

Would I suggest you do is go to the practiscore website. Choose the scores tab and in the filters section choose time plus.
All the matches that show up there will have been scored with time plus and you will be able to look at all the different results and see how other Match directors set up their matches and what the results look like.