Display bug in iOS PS Build Stage->Edit Stage

With the latest version of PS iOS (1.733) running on iOS 14.4, the Edit Stage screen writes “minimum rounds” and “points” on the same screen real estate, making both unreadable.

Can you share a little more information please? Match type, every stage you build?
Exactly which device you’re using?

Yes, every stage I’ve built so far on these versions. We just started our matches for 2021 so I’ve only got 12 under my belt so far. We always use an iPad as our master device. It looks the same sync’d to my iPhone XS–attached below–from our most recent match.

can you show me a screenshot off your master ipad?
what size is the iPad?

When you say 12 you mean have only built 12 stages?

Can you tell me if you are cloning matches or building fresh for each one?

This is the screenshot off my 10" iPad but I’m running 1.734. I don’t think there is anything different. I’ll try to replicate it if you use a smaller screen.

@djpetrou their ipad is called iphone XS.

I also reported this issue to iOS devs few weeks back

DJ, I emailed you an export of one of the matches. Responses follow:
I’ve built two matches consisting of a total of 12 stages so far this year. These stages are all built from scratch and not cloned. They were built on a “standard” size iPad (11+" I think)–an older one, an iPad Air 2 running 14.4. It shows the same bad formatting when after being synch’d to an iPad Pro (11+") running 14.3 and an iPhone XS at 14.4.

I believe the screen displays fine while you originally build the stage. However, if you exit the Edit Stage screen and come in again, that’s when it shows with the words overwriting each other.

I’ve attached below an image from the iPad Air 2 (11+") for the same problem on our 2nd match.

Crap, I can’t get it to duplicate.
This is my iPad 10 6th Gen running 14.4.2 OS
I even went into the stage changed something then backed out then back in…
I’ll try other pad sizes…
I’ve sent everything off to the iOS Developer

Very odd given that it happens 100% of time for me. @djpetrou Did you try restoring the match I sent to you?

I did notice you referenced 14.4.2…so I upgraded the iPad to this level but no dice. I can still see the problem in existing matches and creating a new match/stage reproduces it every time.

The confusion is due to the fact that it has been fixed in the test builds.

If you like, go here to run the test build and confirm the issue is corrected:

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@Russell_Armstrong there still seem to be some glitches on the narrow screens or split screens on ipad.

While using split screen on iOS, at some narrow window dimensions the app may not be usable due to insufficient space for UI elements to be displayed. In these cases, you may have to reduce the screen space occupied by non practiscore apps in order to continue scoring. Use your judgement.

As I am able to do so I will make these UI elements more adaptive to screen size changes.

It works fairly well at 50:50 split.

@Russell_Armstrong I know it does.

Just noticed the oddness with custom keypad showing “…” and the “minimum rounds…” label could have been wrapped to more than one line. The iphone XS may have the same issue.

I will need to go through the entire app to get the .25 screen ratio showing correctly.

I will eventually.

Right. Some of those things are less critical than others. E.g. the keyboard issue seems global and essential to some extent - it makes two keys look the same. Some optional info not fitting on the screen, like stage round count, is not that essential - just not pretty.

fwiw, I’m not doing anything funky like running split screen on the ipad/iphone. All my issues are running full screen. I will go try the beta when I get a chance to make sure it addresses my situation.

Split screen is just a quick and dirty way to check layouts on multiple different screen widths…

@Russell_Armstrong I was going to jump in and try the beta. However, I assume the production level and beta cannot co-exist on a single apple device? I’d like to try the beta on the club’s device but I must protect the ability to run our regular matches–might have to test the beta on my own iPad.

You can switch back and forth between Release and Beta builds. There is some risk in running pre-release code. Your choice. The main reason to try the Beta build is to let us know if the issue was fixed and that it works as intended. If you have spare devices at your disposal you can run the two side by side and report any issues.

In any case I appreciate your feedback and reporting the issue in the first place. It is helpful and important.