Discrepancy when scoring disappearing target in IPSC when rule 9.9.2 is applicable

I hope I can articulate this issue correctly. I did a brief search in the forum and I don’t seem to see this had been discussed.

Rule 9.9.2 states:

Moving targets which do not comply with the above criteria are disappearing and will not incur failure to
engage or miss penalties unless a competitor fails to activate the mechanism which initiates the target
movement before or when firing his last shot for that course of fire.

When scoring a stage where the disappearing target was not activated, the mikes entered into the disappearing target are considered as NPM instead of actual mikes due to the failure of activation.

The workaround myself and other officials came up with is to enter the mikes in a regular target and enter the score of the regular target into the NPM.

There is no need to reinvent the wheel - in PS you can apply procedure - 9.9.2 Miss on non-activated disappearing target

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